Thursday, September 25, 2008

Episode 3: Oxford Day Trip

In what is perhaps the clearest sign that I've more or less adjusted to life in Warwick, I did something that I've done dozens of times while I was still in Singapore, post-NS: I turned off my alarm when it rang and promptly fell back asleep, fully intending to rouse myself after just a couple of seconds, but invariably ending up asleep for way more minutes than I had any right to be. Today, however, I was saved by a couple of very rude knocks on my door. Well-intentioned as they were (and we all know by now what the road to Hell is paved with), I do not exactly appreciate being rudely woken up that way. I let it slide this time, since it so happened that I'd told Natalie that I'd meet her for breakfast at 9 am, and if I hadn't been woken up, I'd probably have missed both breakfast and the assembly time for the Oxford day trip. So thanks, Shen Ting, for waking me up, but please don't do it again. Ever. Not sure how I'm going to cope with having lectures/seminars in the morning, but I'll have to figure something out, won't I?

So Oxford's actually a really pretty university town! My friends and I took lots of pictures today. Oxford students are so lucky to have fashion brands right at their doorstep. Caleb, I am officially jealous of you! (Especially since I know such convenience is entirely wasted on you.) My friends and I spent a lot of the trip trying not to lose our guide, with varying degrees of success. I find that as a general rule I don't really like taking guided tours around cities. I'd rather do my own research, or just wander about randomly. Didn't do any shopping today, as I'm trying to control my expenditure until my dad gets to London with more cash for me. I already sank $100 into my Warwick Eating card yesterday, as I intend to eat out more frequently than I cook, assuming I ever get around to learning, so I just really need to watch how I use the rest of my cash. Given my tendency to cut things really close, it would seem prudent to restrain myself for as long as possible. There will be plenty of opportunities to blow some serious cash in the future. That much I'm sure of...

The entertainment tonight was Latin dance, but I only went down to meet my friends at the marquee after they started playing clubbing music because I was attending Christian Focus at the chaplaincy before that. It was quite fun! We played a sort of quiz game, and my group came out the winner! Chocolates. Yummy. Anyway, the DJ at the marquee is still a bit screwed up though. Cuts too quickly between the songs, and some of the songs are just plain boring. Why people would want to dance to stuff like that, I will probably never understand. Hung out with the usual suspects, which was good fun as always. I realise that I don't really drink a lot here at Warwick. At most, just a couple of shots and that's all. I guess partly it's because the kind of alcohol available isn't exactly the stuff I normally go for. I'm more of a cocktail person, whereas here it's mostly beer and shots. Anyway, I'm off to Coventry tomorrow, which Mr Rollason once colourfully described to me as 'a shithole'. We shall see, won't we? I expect he's probably right, but I'm willing to keep an open mind about things until I see for myself.

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