Friday, September 26, 2008

Episode 4: Coventry Day Trip

It is with grave disappointment that I report that Mr Rollason was pretty on the mark. Coventry has a definite air of danger about it, even in broad daylight. Its sole redeeming quality is its huge Ikea, and perhaps the beautiful, albeit modern, cathedral where the coach let us off. Didn't buy anything here either, but we were there so Natalie could get her stuff. It sort of occurred to me today that I don't really hang out much with the Singaporeans I knew before coming to Warwick. I somehow just don't feel like I'm part of their groups. I can go for an entire day without seeing some of them, and I'm pretty sure there are some people I've never even met before! I guess this is sort of how I wanted it to be though, not always sticking around other Singaporeans. It would suck, however, if I ended up not being able to make any non-Singaporean friends, as by then, all the Singaporean cliques would have been firmly established and I'd just feel weird trying to break into them. Sometimes I wish I were less of a wallflower among new people. It would really help.

Heat was damn fun! It's the kind of event that'd just make my parents freak, or at least shake their heads in disapproval, but as long as you know how to set your own limits, it's pretty okay, and I think I can handle myself. Drank the most alcohol tonight so far, which still didn't come close to my maximum experience in Singapore anyway. We stayed more or less until Tempo closed, and because we were dancing pretty close to the speakers most of the night, my ears were ringing all the way back to Westwood. Speaking of which, I'm starting to get sick of the comparatively long commute on foot from Westwood Campus. It's barely bearable now, but come winter, I don't know if I can handle going up and down so many times. Twice is about my mental limit per day. One trip out and one trip back! I need to either get a bicycle or a transfer to somewhere nearer. Even Heronbank, which is where I'm hoping to transfer to, would be preferable because it's a more direct walk to that place from Central Campus than to Westwood. Sigh...

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