Monday, December 12, 2011

Episode 1175: Typographical Blues

As an editor, I find it slightly annoying to get typographically quirky submissions. Mind you, I've nothing against them per se. It's just that sometimes I find it hard to tell what the writer's intention was, and that bothers me because I really want to get it exactly right (within the limits imposed by WordPress). Haven't had anyone complain yet, so I suppose my guesswork has been pretty accurate so far. This occurred to me because I've just scheduled a poem whose indenting seemed, well, pretty random to me. (On a side note, it would be so much easier if there was a way to have WordPress automatically convert tabs into proper HTML. I'm sure there's some trick to this I haven't figured out yet, but just shoving a series of non-breaking spaces also creates the desired effect anyway.) Also, The Quantum Thief just keeps getting better and better! Have about half of the book to go, so I'm going to save it for reading material during the flight, in case there aren't any movies I want to watch. Glad I got to do worship for one more Sunday before flying home! For some reason, I couldn't get my boarding pass to print in IE, so I had to install Google Chrome on one of the Learning Grid computers and then the boarding pass got printed without a hitch. Stupid Microsoft!

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