Monday, December 19, 2011

Episode 1183: Weird Contributor!

Slowly catching up on the backlog of TV shows that accumulated last week, between flying home and the weekend at the hotel. Had a look today at an already accepted and published story that a contributor wanted revised. This was the fourth revision she's requested since acceptance, and this most recent instance came a few months after the story had been published and she'd already promised that the previous revision would be the final one. Despite my reply that was worded to suggest that this repeated tweaking of a story that had already been accepted and was now published was unnecessary, she didn't seem to get the hint, as she replied that she was looking forward to reading it. Leaving aside that that doesn't even make sense, since she wrote the story and it's already been up on the site for months, this latest revision sees about 50% of the story being deleted and replaced by new material, not necessarily for the better. If she'd sent this version in to me all those months ago, I'd probably have rejected it. I didn't put it quite so bluntly in my most recent reply, but I did suggest that at this point, she'd be better off just changing the story's title and trying to get it accepted elsewhere, since I think that while the core of the story remains, the execution in the published version versus this most recent revision differs sufficiently. Frankly, it's become a bit too overwritten, in my opinion, and if she replies to my e-mail to express disappointment that I'm declining to update the story or anything remotely along those lines, I might actually be forced to tell her that.

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