Thursday, December 11, 2008

Episode 80: Food Trail!

Should be able to finish transferring all my TV shows to the external hard drive, although I think I'll have to fork out a couple of hundred dollars for a new one soon, as I'm almost out of space, or I will be by the end of the current television season. Am a little annoyed because some of the discs that supposedly were burned properly have turned out to be corrupted, which has resulted in my having to hunt down the appropriate torrent and grab just one or two episodes. So far, it's worked out, but I'm hoping it won't happen with any of the remaining shows! Will start doing serious work (like reading Sir Gawain And The Green Knight) once I'm done with the TV shows. Then I can feel all accomplished and fired up to start doing proper work! Like writing the script. Have thought of an interesting idea, in which the opening and closing scenes of the play will be one and the same, meaning that the entire play is essentially the equivalent of an extended flashback sequence, in which all the events of said flashback culminate in that single moment that the curtains open on, which is also the one that they close on. Now to write it out. Food trail today was quite short really, since we didn't even make it to dinner. We did hang out at Peng Kun and Wayne's huge homes, so that was fun! We should do all this again before we head back to Warwick. Haha...

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