Friday, December 19, 2008

Episode 88: Lazing About Again

Depressingly, I've been clicking around the Warwick Accommodation website, and the seven-people off-campus properties sound better than the six-people ones. Ah well. Don't think there'd be anyone left to be the seventh person in our group anyway. Am going to watch both halves of Do Not Disturb - Late Checkout, Please by myself tomorrow, after choir practice. So I'll probably be shuttling between the Esplanade Theatre Studio, library@esplanade, and somewhere where I can get a drink. If anyone is bored and would like to keep me company, I'll be at the Esplanade from around 2 pm onwards. Am currently trying to decide whether I should apply to be part of the student 'shadow panel' for the Warwick Writing Prize. It sounds like it'd be fun, reading and discussing the shortlist, but I don't know if I want to commit to doing it, seeing as how January will already be packed by rehearsals. Sigh. Perhaps I should just stop thinking so much, and just go ahead and do it? It would be so cool if I actually made it. Shall give myself one more day to think about it...

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