Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Episode 85: Act 2

Have started on Act 2, which should go much more quickly, since as I mentioned before, I'll be cribbing a good deal of the dialogue from the videos we took during rehearsal. I'll probably stay up to finish all of Act 2, since it's just a matter of watching the video, making rough notes of the dialogue, and then rewriting and embellishing it. Have already managed to get through the conversation between Jared's parents, so now I've started on the dialogue for Priya's parents. After this, it'll be two scenes of meet-the-parents and this act is finished. I've already outlined the action of Act 3 for Bella, and she's given her approval, so if I can churn out the lines more quickly, I should be able to meet Tiffanie's deadline tomorrow. Haha! I don't think I'm being nearly as funny and witty as I originally intended to be, but I'm trying my best. My greatest fear in coming up with this script is that the cast will find it boring and/or stilted. I'm already trying to guard against the latter by basing my dialogue on what they themselves came up with, but the former is somewhat harder. I'm good at one-liners, a sequence of ripostes at best. Not a whole bloody one-hour script. Oh well. Guess I shouldn't have procrastinated?

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