Monday, December 15, 2008

Episode 84: Act 1

The rest of the family's away in KL for the week, so I'm fending for myself. It's more convenient than when I'm at Westwood, of course, but it's quite boring. I want to play mahjong, but Ka Tsai doesn't get back until Thursday, so Ben Woon and I can't go find a fourth person anyway. I want to watch Do Not Disturb - Late Checkout, Please on Saturday, but I think I'll be going alone again, unless I miraculously find someone to go with me. Have made progress on Act 1 of the play, although not as much as I would have liked. Have yet to reach a sequence that calls for snappy dialogue, although I'm actually hoping to pull a good deal of the dialogue off what Keegan filmed during the last rehearsal, when we asked them to dramatise conflicts, as some of the lines they came up with were really good and I'd really like to incorporate them into the script. I'm just going to finish off the script until the end of the Facebook news feed scene, then I'm going to sleep! I think this scene could be really funny, but the acting for it would have to be exaggerated, even if it's just one person reading out news feed items, with the rest of the cast dramatising those items. Okay, back to the script!

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