Friday, December 12, 2008

Episode 81: 18 Grams Of Love

I caught a local film today at Sinema Old School, 18 Grams Of Love. It was actually rather good, sort of like Shakespeare's The Comedy Of Errors refracted through the lens of Mediacorp Channel 8 when local television was still of a decent standard. I enjoyed the symmetry of the film's scene structure, as well as the subtle ways in which the parallel scenes differed, if only because patterning intrigues me deeply. (By right, Sir Gawain And The Green Knight should rank among my favourite literary texts of all time then, since patterning is practically an obsession for the Gawain-poet. Stay tuned for the post in which I declare my undying love for the intricacies of this long poem. Haha!) A pity that I couldn't redeem my free tickets at Sinema though, as 18 Grams Of Love is being screened for the first time, and as such, isn't eligible for the free tickets offer that my membership comes with. Have about a month to use them up because I've been putting it off ever since I got the membership, so if anyone wants to watch anything at Sinema Old School with me this December, let me know! Went to Trumpet Praise to browse around, where we bumped into Shaunald and his mum, and I heard a couple of songs that I'd like to find when I've got nothing better to do. I know one's by David Crowder Band and another's by Switchfoot, neither of whom are exactly on my must-listen list. Well, one can always be pleasantly surprised, I suppose, but I have enough Christian music that I don't have to expressly make the effort to track down those songs.

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