Saturday, December 13, 2008

Episode 82: I Confess, I'm A Science Fiction Geek

Seeing as I'm still procrastinating, I spent the past few hours watching the first disc of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever watched the trilogy in its entirety, except maybe for the first film. Shall have to rectify that in the coming week! Bella has approved my idea to set The Culture Project a few decades in the future, which certainly simplifies the initial opening scenes of the play greatly. My idea to set it in the future was definitely influenced by the SF novels I've been somewhat fixated on since I got back to Singapore. Earlier in the week, I browsed through Tony Ballantyne's Watcher trilogy again, and then I went out to the library and borrowed Chris Moriarty's Spin State and Spin Control. Then just yesterday, I was at the National Library, grabbing more SF books. I'm particularly keen on SF that involves advanced bioengineering or artificial intelligence, which I see as more feasible than things like FTL travel, and besides, the idea of posthumanism fascinates me. For what those terms are worth, I'm more into hard SF than its soft counterpart, which explains why Greg Egan is one of my favourite SF authors because his technological innovations are couched in the gritty details of science as we know it (or soon might anyway). Well, I guess I'm probably going to end up not reading many of the books that I brought back to study, yeah? All that weight carried back for nothing...

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