Sunday, December 14, 2008

Episode 83: Spinning Webs

Have finished reading Spin State and started on Spin Control. I've also started on the script for The Culture Project! Not the dialogue per se, but I wrote out some basic descriptions of the characters, enough to provide background for the cast as they explore their characters' motivations. I'm going to work on Act 1 tomorrow, which will cover Jared and Priya's relationship from its Facebook origins to their decision to get married despite parental objections. If I get into the groove of things, I'll probably just move on to write Act 2, which will see the two sets of parents meeting and clashing, at least initially. Act 3 will be a reversal of the cast dynamics, as Jared and Priya's relationship begins to fray, even as their parents begin to get along. I have a slight predilection for patterning, be it in my reading or writing. In typical fashion, I already know what the ending is going to be, and I think it could work very well, but a lot depends on how convincing the dialogue I give the characters is. Note to self: Keep it short, simple, snappy and sweet.

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