Thursday, November 11, 2010

Episode 780: Sandcastle

Am on my way back from seeing Boo Junfeng's Sandcastle with Eugene at the Birkbeck Cinema in London. It's an impressive full-length debut, and if there was ever any doubt before (as if that were even possible for one of Singapore's most fĂȘted young filmmakers), it should cement his status as someone to keep an eye on. During the Q&A, he did mention that his goal is to get to a place where he can just make films for a living, so I really hope that happens! It's a bit hard to summarise the whole film, so I'm not even going to try, apart from saying that memory plays a big deal in it and it's all very sensitively executed. I think the encore screening on Saturday is already sold out, so it's too late for anyone who's planning on catching it, I'm afraid. Also raided Oxfam Bloomsbury and Marylebone while I was in London, nabbing a couple of plays from Oberon and a whole lot of poetry from Shearsman, who are definitely one of my favourite publishers when it comes to designing covers. I mean, I like the poetry I've read so far, just that the covers are pretty fetching as well, which can only be a good thing in terms of attracting casual browsers like myself.

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