Monday, November 15, 2010

Episode 784: Now Reading Richard III...

Seems like I have to write the reviews after all, so I'll have them done by tomorrow night. Also have a one-page conversation to write for this student drama thing that I'm planning on getting involved in, so I need to get that done by Wednesday. Am not supposed to spend too much time on it anyway, so I won't. Should be fun to write! Am now valiantly ploughing through Richard III, and have about 50 pages more to go, so realistically, I could finish it before going to bed. It's really a question of whether I have the willpower. Or not. Yong Long's asking if anyone wants to go to the Canary Islands after term ends. I'm tempted, just because the RyanAir flight is ridiculously cheap (but it probably will be the worst flight of my life ever), and I still haven't sorted out my flight back to Singapore! The redemption plan appears to be falling through, so I'm going to have to buy it, but I can't do that for at least another week, when the redemption window closes and I know for certain that I can't get a ticket that way. Fingers crossed that a miracle will happen and I get to spend Christmas at home for free! (I suppose my parents would pay if it came to that, as I really can't afford to pay for my flight home at the current prices.)

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