Sunday, November 14, 2010

Episode 783: Still Not Reading Richard III...

Doing one last batch of titles instead of reading Richard III, which is a shame because this is one of the plays I actually really like. Can't believe Natalie is studying this for her 'A' Levels next year. At the rate I'm going, she'll have read it before I do. Was going to finish it before heading to the evening service, but unsurprisingly, I left off starting till such a late hour that I only made it to Act 1 Scene 2. I must have read that whole bit about four times now. No idea what I want to do for my creative project for this module, so I might end up doing an essay instead, although honestly, that just begs the same question, doesn't it? It would be brilliant if I could find some sort of excuse to produce more poetry, instead of faffing about, trying to write a (screen)play. I just need to find the right hook, so that the reflective essay won't turn out to be a shambles. Completely blanked out PWP from my mind during Reading Week, to the extent that I had to e-mail Michael Hulse to ask when I was meeting him again. (It's this week, but I've postponed for obvious reasons.) With any luck, I can get through, what, six poems by next week?

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