Thursday, November 18, 2010

Episode 787: A Quiet Night Of Reading...

It's probably a sign of how out of touch I am that I've only recently realised that apparently the next big battle in the technology industry is going to be between Facebook and Google. Basically, Microsoft who? Now this is the sort of business and current affairs that I wouldn't mind reading about for LL251! Have been doing a set of readings for a seminar a week from now that I only got today, mainly because I'm trying to avoid reading the plays that I actually have to by Tuesday morning. It's okay though, as I got to read Ted Hughes's 'February 17th', which is possibly one of the most graphically gruesome poems I've ever encountered. (I meant that in the most positive way possible.) Since I've got started on reading, I might as well carry on, so I figure I'll read one of the books I got out for my PWP ages ago but haven't touched, Theology And Literature by T. R. Wright. I figure I should figure out after a dozen or so pages if it's potentially going to be useful for the commentary to this bunch of poems that are as-yet unwritten. Have also been inching my way through The Atrocity Exhibition, chapter by chapter. Currently aiming for one per day. On a related note, I returned this other Ballard book yesterday, and the seller's going to fully refund me and throw in some money for postage too!

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