Saturday, November 13, 2010

Episode 782: Reading Week Produces Bad Sleeping Patterns

Had such grand plans for being productive today, which all came to nought when I work up sometime past noon. Was going to write my film reviews, but upon looking at the schedule again, I've noticed that my films aren't on it anymore, so I'm waiting to hear back from the reviews editor, seeing as I wasn't actually told that the films were taken out. I did collect another batch of graphics and titles, so that's pretty much been my entire evening. Whatever was left of the afternoon by the time I was awake enough to function was given over to the obligatory hours spent on Facebook and keeping up-to-date with TV shows that I always say I plan to watch but never do, as well as a couple of minutes spent finishing up my French homework. Business articles are so much sexier when the vocabulary's in French, but they're still pretty boring to read, if you ask me. The article I was reading was about how managerial positions are being filled again in France after a supposed hiring freeze. I know, riveting stuff! (Okay, so it was actually sort of interesting, but really not the sort of thing I would actively seek out for perusal.)

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