Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Episdoe 1535: Bought Cards Against Humanity!

Not to bang on about Duotrope's Digest, but it's disappointing yet unsurprising to see that the 'debate' over the site's decision to go paid basically consists of two camps of writers talking at each other, convinced that the other side is dead wrong/selfish. It's like contemporary American politics writ small. Sorry to sound like a broken record, and I know I promised not to talk about the whole issue anymore, but it's exposed such a major faultline within the (American) literary community that I almost can't help myself. Anyway, on a brighter note, thanks to Keegan, I've got an American address to ship my order of Cards Against Humanity to, both the original set and the two expansions. Threw in the Christmas set as well, which I could have been a jerk and paid nothing for, but I covered their costs. Would've given more, but I felt like I'd already done a lot, dropping US$45 at one shot on the original set and expansions. Regardless, it'll be great to get the physical cards (the next time Keegan's back in Singapore), since playing with paper slips just isn't the same...

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