Saturday, December 15, 2012

Episode 1545: Look What The Postman Brought!

Couple of days ago, the latest issue of The Believer arrived for me. (Still no sign of the other three issues I'm owed from my original massive order though. Will wait another week before dropping the McSweeney's team an e-mail.) Today, I received Dad Says He Saw You At The Mall by Ken Sparling and The Alligators Of Abraham by Robert Kloss from Mud Luscious Press, as well as Gregory Sherl's Monogamy Songs (Future Tense Books) from the man himself. (If you see this, Gregory, I'm afraid I can't take a picture with the book on all 63 islands because some are restricted access, but the next time I'm somewhere other than the main island, I'm starting an album on Facebook.) Can't wait to start reading all these books! Also have to remember to take out an MLP subscription next month, among others, to continue growing my personal library. Could do it right away, but I feel like I've spent too much this month as it is, but if I still have some cash left after Christmas, I'll go ahead and start taking out those subscriptions, especially for literary magazines like Popshot Magazine and The White Review that I've allowed to lapse.

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