Friday, December 14, 2012

Episode 1544: What Is Post-Experimentalism?

To find out, check out my review of Post-Experimentalism by Bartleby Snopes, and then buy a copy of the issue. I'm pretty confident there's something in there to please almost all readers and/or writers! Next one to write is of Shark, although I might still try to squeeze in one of Jerrold Yam's new poetry collection by next week, in order to coincide with the launch. (Gutted that I can't actually be at the launch, since I'll be singing for CCIS in church that evening.) Have also asked Zer0 Books to send me all three titles that they've sent me e-mails about so far, since Craig at Rum & Reviews Magazine is game for reviews of non-fiction titles. Completely defeats the purpose of my trying to cut down my reviewing workload, of course, but those Zer0 Books titles sounded really interesting. Like 'I would buy this book' kind of interesting. Sadly, still waiting for The Book Depository to do another 20% discount promotion! Cheque from Parcelforce also arrived a couple of days ago, which was a surprise. I'd been expecting it to get lost in the intercontinental transit. Am going to lose about 40% of the value though, since I have to pay a charge in order to deposit it into my POSB account. Same applies for the USD cheque that's coming from The Misfit Quarterly.

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