Sunday, December 09, 2012

Episode 1539: #EunoiaLIVE

Here's another generous review of Unthology No. 3, which describes my story as one of the collection's highlights, 'leaving behind a labyrinth of psychological contemplation'. Genuinely glad that reviewers seem to be getting what the story's about, and 'labyrinth' is particularly apt in this case, given that 'The Triptych Papers' actually began as an homage to Jorge Luis Borges. Also did the first #EunoiaLIVE Twitter chat between the end of service and dinner, which you should be able to pull up in Twitter here! The chat's a bit messy/choppy because @JonnyAldridge and I had to stick to the 140-character limit, and that sometimes resulted in us tweeting before the other person had finished, but you should be able to work it out. Was a good experiment, although for the next one, I'm thinking I should get someone based in the same timezone as the contributor to do the chat, so that it can happen at a time when more of the journal's Twitter followers are online. This time, it was 6 pm here and 10 am in the UK, but the middle of the night in the USA, where the bulk of the journal's readers/followers are.

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