Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Episode 1534: New Records!

This week's episode of 90210, which contrived out of nowhere to bring the cast back to the show's former high school setting, only emphasised how it's completely unbelievable that the characters are only two years out of high school. Sister show Gossip Girl avoided this awkward visual reminder by sending its characters on to college, and when that proved rather boring, flung them all into the adult world of backstabbing and casual infidelity. To be honest, the only teen drama I've encountered that has done a reasonable job of casting actors that could pass for teenagers is Pretty Little Liars (even sister show to that, The Lying Game, gets it so wrong). Granted, there's the issue of how actual teenagers are probably not legally allowed to work the kind of hours full-time TV filming requires, and that's before we even start talking about their acting abilities (although some of these grownup actors are still pretty terrible). Anyway, Eunoia Review has been setting a couple of viewership records lately. November saw an all-time monthly high, and today, the site has reached what's roughly a six-month daily high, building on yesterday's impressive numbers. Of course, maybe I've just been targeted by a bunch of really aggressive spammers, but Akismet hasn't caught a higher than average number of spam comments, so I'm not really sure where this sudden spike in visitor traffic is coming from. Not complaining though!

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