Saturday, December 08, 2012

Episode 1538: Time To Attack The Backlog!

Attended Jon Chase and Denise's wedding in the morning, and ran into some old Warwick friends, including Jon Lee, who'd come all the way from the UK! Managed to grab some time before that to schedule new work for Eunoia Review, and now I've just done the same for The Cadaverine. (Would've done more, but David, if you're reading this, you need to choose to reattach the original attachments when you forward something to me!) In order to start clearing my reviews backlog in earnest, I'm going to aim for a three-day cycle. Read for two days, then write the review on the third. I'll almost certainly not be able to keep it up until the backlog is gone, if at all, but with a specific timeline like that, I'll definitely get more done than operating with the mentality that 'I'll get this done tomorrow'. Can't afford to let the backlog carry over in its current state into 2013, especially not when I'm starting at NIE in mid-January. I've proven to myself in the past that I can be quite efficient when it comes to turning out reviews, so I just need to make the magic happen again.

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