Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Episode 1541: Who's Afraid Of Lena Dunham?

Today, I decided that I'm adding Lena Dunham to the list of things I'm officially over, and will therefore not be watching Season 2 of Girls when it airs. Not that I was ever into Dunham or her show in the first place though. What completely soured me on her was her reaction to Gawker leaking the full book proposal. Mind you, she's already nabbed a US$3.5 million deal from Random House, so it's not like her nascent career as an author is being jeopardised. Unless she was worried people would look at the proposal and flee from the book when it's finally out. It's apparently not even written yet, so the hefty price tag feels like the publisher paying for the name of second-generation media royalty than an actual reflection of the future book's substance anyway. (Ironically, Random House isn't the one that bitched about the leak to Gawker, forcing them to take the proposal down. That was all Dunham.) I'm also thinking that I might drop Homeland from my regular viewing when Season 3 airs next year, but only because I feel like it's one of those shows that's more satisfying when viewed in a marathon session that gets through, say, three or four episodes. Still greatly admire the work Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are doing on the show, just not sure if I'll have time to keep it on my weekly viewing next year. That actually applies to a lot of shows that I currently follow, so I'm going to have to scrutinise that long list at some point and make decisions. Incidentally, Eunoia Review got its very first 'we went on holiday but got robbed so please send us money' scam e-mail. Was sent from a contributor's e-mail, so I'm assuming she was hacked. Would let her know, except I don't have her on Facebook. What I don't get though is why spammers don't try to be more grammatical. Surely it would give them a slight edge in fooling people?

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