Thursday, December 06, 2012

Episode 1536: Another Blurb...

Just blurbed another chapbook for a Eunoia Review contributor, and I'm going to be doing a Twitter chat with a different contributor on Sunday evening under the hashtag #EunoiaLIVE. Let's get that trending, the total of five people who read my blog! Anyway, lots of shows that I follow are having their winter finales this week, so it means a lot of my time will be freed up for the rest of the month to, you know, actually write reviews. I know, I know. If I didn't procrastinate so much in the first place, I'd be much further along through my review pile than I am right now. Something else I've been putting off doing is buying some books and literary magazines. I've made a couple of one-off purchases in the past month or so, but in terms of taking out subscriptions, I've been trying to hold off until I start drawing a salary. As much as I'm aware that my first month's pay will be more than enough to cover anything that I spend for the rest of this month on my credit card, I also think it's not setting a good precedent for myself, living on credit, right?

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