Friday, March 02, 2012

Episode 1257: Postgraduate Capers

My new theory on douchebag social dynamics after sharing a cab ride back to campus from Kelsey's with Emma and four random guys we found in Vialli's. There's always one guy in the group who isn't actually a douchebag, and he's the one who laughs at the things his friends say but otherwise keeps his mouth shut. To be fair, that guy in our cab did take my tenner and give me change, thus partially simplifying the matter of payment, so I'm willing to overlook his irrational friendship choices. I also feel slightly bad that I thought he was trying to con me when he offered change; I think he was slightly offended that I thought that. On the other hand, if you're going to associate with douchebags, expect to be tainted by association. Hopefully, he'll wise up in second year when he moves out of Rootes. Anyway, although the night ended where most of my nights out in Leamington tended to end up in third year, i.e. Kelsey's, the route there was refreshing. Technically, it began when Thomas Docherty had to finish our seminar half an hour early because he was losing his voice, which meant we arrived at the Dirty Duck before it was even open for business. That's how committed us postgraduates are to having a drink! Stayed there for a couple of hours, and then made arrangements to meet in the evening at The Duke, along Warwick Street near the top of the Parade, which was fascinatingly pretentious in its decor. Drinks were cheap though. Then Moo nearby, which I've also never been to. All in all, it was an interesting night, even the cab ride back to campus with the random douchebags. You do end up feeling a bit sorry for people like that, don't you?

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