Monday, March 19, 2012

Episode 1274: Pleasant Surprise In The Post!

Cities Of Sameness, Nicholas YB Wong's debut collection from Desperanto, arrived in the post today. Was pleasantly surprised to see Eunoia Review mentioned in the acknowledgements. Not going to lie though, it felt pretty sweet to see that! Though I did feel slightly silly for pre-ordering and paying extra for shipping from the USA, as I could've saved a few quid by waiting until it was available to order from The Book Depository. For some reason, I'd assumed that The Book Depository wouldn't stock work from a small press like Desperanto. Ah well! Anyway, a new daily record for site visits was also set today, for the third time this month no less, so it's been a good day for Eunoia Review. It also seems I may actually have been prematurely pessimistic about site traffic falling off, since so far, the daily numbers seem to have stabilised at a higher level than last month. (Was quite amused that there was a noticeable dip on Saint Patrick's Day though. Totally doesn't help to dispel stereotypes about literary folk and drinking, right?) I've also queued submissions until the start of July, so it's looking like the new publication schedule I instituted back in October was the right move.

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