Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Episode 1261: £52.80 For A Book!

So I did go and buy The Invention Of Hugo Cabret after all! It's a special gift edition that comes with an interview DVD with Brian Selznick, but it cost me £52.80 (including postage) because I think it's no longer in print (this edition was released in 2008, probably as a one-off promotion) and it also happens to be autographed by Selznick. (Bought his other book as well, Wonderstruck, and a making-of companion to the movie.) As Shirley said, highly uncharacteristic of me, as far as book purchases go, but as a one-off thing, I suppose it's okay. That said, I did charge it to my credit card instead of debit because I'm trying to leave money in my NatWest account for driving lessons, so I'll pay the money back to my mum once the bill arrives back in Singapore. Speaking of which, I actually need to start looking into driving lessons. I keep saying I'm going to do it, and then I don't follow through, just because I can't be bothered to actually set things up. At the moment, I'm thinking of starting lessons over the Easter holidays, but I'll probably end up putting things off again. I really want to get my license before I head back to Singapore for good though, just so that my parents will stop bugging me about it!

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