Sunday, March 25, 2012

Episode 1280: Reviews, Reviews, Reviews...

So it looks as if my one-week break from doing academic work is about to extend into two weeks instead! The plan is currently to write four reviews by the end of this week, which is entirely possible, given that I've already read most of what I need to review. Notwithstanding this, I've already agreed to do another four reviews, although hopefully I'll be able to space those out better. I mean, at some point, I do have to write the conference paper, even if no other bit of my dissertation gets done over this vacation. By the way, speaking of reviews, check out my latest, which I've been told is a milestone of sorts for Sabotage Reviews, being the site's 200th post! Pretty exciting. I also finally started watching Press PausePlay, which is this film Alex told me about a while ago, which seeks to answer the question of whether 'democratized culture mean[s] better art or is true talent instead drowned out'. (Haven't seen the whole film, but I'm guessing the conclusion will be that the jury's still out on this one.) Discovered Icelandic neoclassical artiste Ólafur Arnalds through that, so I've got pretty much all his music now.

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