Thursday, March 22, 2012

Episode 1277: So I'm Kind Of Over Thought Catalog...

Two reviews in as many days. I am a machine! Here's the link to the one I wrote yesterday, about the book version of I Wrote This For You. In other news, I'm so over The Sims Social (about damn time!) and curiously enough, Thought Catalog. The former's stopped being fun for me and has just morphed into a huge waste of time, whereas the latter simply isn't as intelligent as I think it's supposed to be pretending to be. It's a massive love-hate relationship because the articles are all so bite-sized and clearly targeted at the demographic (I like to think) I'm part of, i.e. 'young readers with money to spend and time to burn', as this Forbes article calls us. What's surprising is how quickly I've gone from being a fan to being vaguely irritated by Thought Catalog. I swear it hasn't been more than a month since I first became aware of it! As I explained to Bella, Thought Catalog actually reads to me like a watered down version of some of the columns you can find on McSweeney's Internet Tendency. It's a bit like junk food, addictive but with not much actual substance. Anyway, since this has been a pretty link-heavy entry, I'm just going to end off with one more, which begins in a way that I think summarises my (unarticulated) sentiments towards my undergraduate years: ‎'When I was an undergraduate at Oligarch University [i.e. Yale] I, and I suspect many of my peers, had three desires that were utterly in conflict: to be invisible, to be free and to be special.' (Yes, I'm embarrassed that it's true.)

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