Thursday, March 29, 2012

Episode 1284: That's Some Strong Coffee...

Woke up to an e-mail letting me know that I've won a copy of Phil Jourdan's Praise Of Motherhood via a Goodread's giveaway, and Scott's agreed that it would be a good book to review for The Cadaverine, so everything's hunky-dory on that front. Anyway, I always knew that 3-in-1 coffee we bought in Penang was pretty strong, but man, I am so hopped up on caffeine right now that the only thing I can do is play Words With Friends on my iPhone. It's a bit frustrating because I was planning to write the review of William Winfield Wright's Cosmonauts tonight, but hey, who knows? Maybe when the caffeine wears off a little, I'll be able to sit still long enough to finish it. I've already got half of the opening paragraph down, which is always the hardest bit for me, and I like the chapbook, so things should hum along nicely once I get going. If all else fails, I'll just force myself to write two reviews tomorrow! The rest of the day hasn't been very productive, despite there being far less TV than usual to watch, i.e. just three half-hour comedy episodes. One of these was the new episode of Happy Endings, and with this episode, I think that show has finally proven itself equal to Community, at least in my book, so I really hope it gets a third season.

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