Monday, March 12, 2012

Episode 1267: Abstract Accepted!

Even as I fail miserably at getting down 1000 words for discussing with my supervisor on Wednesday, my abstract has been accepted for the Marginal Cartographies conference at the end of April. I'd half-forgotten what I said my paper was going to be about, so I'm pleased to report that nothing in the abstract contradicts my rethinking of the structure of my dissertation. Yes, I flipped through the anthology again and realised that the structure I'd decided upon after my last meeting just wouldn't hold up once I got around to doing close readings. So in a way, this conference paper is actually going to look a lot more like what my first chapter needs to be now! Went to the Library after the Theology Reading Group to work on my 1000 words, and got about 300 down in three hours. Definitely shouldn't have gone home from the Library before closing time though. Ended up watching another boring episode of The Walking Dead, which I won't spoil for people, though the episode's supposedly shocking ending has been telegraphed for weeks, even without the gaffe regarding the promotion of the Season 2 DVDs. Now trying to get up to at least 500 words before going to bed...

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