Sunday, March 04, 2012

Episode 1259: The Library Should Hire Me!

Realised today that all three of the books I requested the Library to order have been ordered, which is great news! Unfortunately, it means I can no longer cite unavailability as an excuse for not reading them as part of my dissertation research. I hope they'll prove to be really useful though, as all the titles and book summaries sounded promising. I feel like by getting the Library to order more books, I'm doing my small part to force the university to spend some money on the humanities, as opposed to constructing things like the Zeeman Building, which apparently has shower facilities in it. (Aren't you glad that Warwick takes such pains to ensure the hygiene of mathematicians and statisticians?) I also think that the Library should hire people like me and my coursemates to manage the procurement of new titles, since clearly, the existing system isn't exactly keeping pace with what our department deems to be suitable research topics! I mean, for a university that keeps banging on about how it wants to be world-class, our Library is sometimes laughably/shockingly/woefully (take your pick) inadequate.

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