Friday, March 16, 2012

Episode 1271: (Sort Of) Last Seminar At Warwick!

Heading out to Leamington in half an hour for more drinks, so this is just a quick post because I don't think I'll be back till the middle of the night. So I had my last seminar ever of my four-year stay at Warwick this morning. (Sort of, as I technically have two rescheduled EN911 seminars next term, only one of which I'm likely to be in the country for though.) It was pretty intense for a last seminar, but it also gave those of us in it a good deal of fodder for banter when we were having drinks later in the Dirty Duck, mirroring how our bunch of postgraduates started hanging out around the middle of this term. (Nice little bit of parallelling there.) I must say I'm actually really going to miss Thomas Docherty's seminars, even though half the time I feel kind of dumb while I'm in them, despite having done the reading. As I said to a couple of people in the pub, he's one of those tutors I want to take out for a coffee, sit him down, and say, 'Start talking. About anything whatsoever. Just talk.' It would definitely be riveting, and I imagine most people who've heard Thomas speaking would agree.

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