Sunday, March 18, 2012

Episode 1273: Slept Half The Day Away...

Slept for about 12 hours after getting back from London, which was fantastic. Thought the old lady sitting across the aisle was going to die while we were somewhere in the middle of the M1, which would have been incredibly awkward. Turns out she'd just passed out from the heat or something. (The radiators in the coach were switched on, but for the first half of the journey, the air-conditioning had been turned off completely, so it did get pretty stuffy.) Have spent most of the day catching up on reading and scheduling submissions, but I'll have to get around to catching up with my reviews, starting from tomorrow. I'm giving myself the next two weeks to hopefully clear all the reviews I owe various editors, and then I'll start working on my conference paper. I also really want to get back into reading for leisure, now that I don't have seminars to read for every week. I've been reading bits and bobs here and there, but haven't really set aside time to just enjoy a good book! I can actually be quite a fast reader when I consciously make the effort, although I'll admit that I'm usually one of those 'slow' readers who mentally vocalise every word on the page.

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