Thursday, March 01, 2012

Episode 1256: New Eunoia Review Record!

Just spent a few hours in Varsity with coursemates, reading and talking about poetry, and generally just hanging out. Got my marks back today as well for both of last term's modules. Quite happy with the mark and comments for my EN973 essay, as I feel like they're really perceptive in terms of identifying the strengths of the essay (close reading) and where it could still do with improvement (integrating different theoretical perspectives). Less pleased with the EN978 portfolio mark, even if it's still decent. I just feel like I was being marked down for failing to do something with my story that I wasn't exactly trying to in the first place anyway. It's also further confirmation that just maybe, in future I should stick to writing poetry rather than fiction, since my grades throughout four years for anything fiction-related have been consistently and appreciably worse than those for my poetry stuff. Otherwise though, March is off to a good start! New daily record set at Eunoia Review for site visits, finally crossing the 300 mark. I have a hunch it's because Ben Parker, whose poems just went up on the site, is either very good at publicising his work or a lot of people are actively seeking out his work via search engines. It's too early to say if this spike in traffic will convert itself into a sustained significant increase in readership, although I'm hoping it will, however small the increase. I live in hope! Recent acceptances also take the buffer of queued posts up to 3.5 months.

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