Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Episode 1255: At Last, Essay Mark...

Mourning Diary has probably arrived at the Post Room, but annoyingly, the slip for collecting it hasn't turned up in the mailbox yet. I hope it shows up by tomorrow, or the whole point of ordering it would have been defeated. On the bright side, mere hours after I complained to Tory about us not getting back essay marks for last term's modules, a tutor e-mailed us individually to let us know our marks and comments sheets were ready for collection. I swear the universe is just reading my mind! Spent some time in the Library today catching up on submissions for The Cadaverine and The Conium Review, interrupted by coffee and chat with Claire Trévien, mostly about TV shows. I've finished going through this week's submissions for The Conium Review, and I got through a few more for The Cadaverine, before getting sucked into another mini-round of bizarre e-mails with a would-be contributor. Seriously, I think I should start collecting these odd e-mails, anonymise them and make a blog. Anyway, I've got another review up on Sabotage Reviews today. I'm a bit of a reviewing machine, as Claire put it, and I've sort of told Jane that I'll do one for Epicentre Magazine as well. If anyone would be up for reviewing or submitting poetry for that, by the way, get in touch. I've been given the go-ahead to commission reviews and solicit poems! So if any of my writer friends actually read this blog, consider yourself informed, although I'll send a proper e-mail/Facebook message out to specific people I have in mind when I'm a bit more organised, probably over the weekend.

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