Friday, February 17, 2012

Episode 1243: Chicken Rice Brawl

As promised, here's my review of Noughties for The Cadaverine. I had an epic afternoon in the Dirty Duck with a bunch of my coursemates. Went there straight from our seminar and stayed in the pub for six hours. So much literary banter and in-jokes traded during that time, it was great. I think the consensus by the time we left was why we hadn't done drinks sooner than the middle of Spring Term. We ended up leaving the pub at around 6 pm, having already agreed to reconvene later at night for Kasbah, which was perfect since I killed those couple of hours watching Chicken Rice Brawl. I'm now in my room, waiting for the 12 everyone else is on to arrive on campus. The SingSoc production was okay, I guess. One of the male leads had this weird tendency to deliver all his lines on a rising intonation, so they sounded like either questions or exclamations. Made it a bit hard to buy the crucial plot point concerning how he was supposed to make a great Romeo for the play-within-a-play. In fact, I suppose that was the main problem for me, line delivery from most of the cast generally being too one-note. There's injecting Singaporean flavour, and then there's sinking into caricature. I guess our production from two years ago has yet to be topped. Haha!

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