Thursday, February 16, 2012

Episode 1242: What To Review Next?

This has got to be my favourite passage from the Hannah Arendt reading I'm doing right now for tomorrow's seminar. It's from Chapter 11 of The Human Condition: 'The point then is not that there is a lack of public admiration for poetry and philosophy in the modern world, but that such admiration does not constitute a space in which things are saved from destruction by time. The futility of public admiration, which daily is consumed in ever greater quantities, on the contrary, is such that monetary reward, one of the most futile things there is, can become more "objective" and more real.' Think I'll just let that quote stand without further comment. I did manage to finish the review of Noughties before my seminar today, although I cut it pretty close. It should be up in a day or so, and I'll post a link then. (The line about the book being a cross between The Secret History and Dazed & Aroused did make it in.) Now that this one's in, I've got a choice of what to work on next. It's either going to be a review of this really short e-book for Sabotage Reviews that I need to send in by the end of the month, or one of the things I said I'd review for The Conium Review, most likely Jason Erik Lundberg's Red Dot Irreal.

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