Saturday, February 18, 2012

Episode 1244: Ears Ringing, But Pretty Worth It

So Kasbah last night was fun! My ears have almost stopped ringing. Got back at just past 4.30 am, which may have been the latest I've ever been out. We even found a pub that opens till 4.30 am, The Oak Inn, which was where we went after leaving Kasbah. Nothing to shout about, other than its late closing time, although the burger van guy right outside the pub was pretty cool. So on the whole, this was certainly among the more awesome 16 hours or so that I've spent at university. Definitely made the right choice to reschedule my haircut yesterday! Am now slowly catching up on the TV I've missed. Probably going to take until tomorrow, since I slept till nearly 3 pm today. Did manage to make it to the Post Room, where I was again disappointed not to be collecting a copy of the American paperback of China MiĆ©ville's Embassytown. I've sent an e-mail to The Book Depository and fully expect to be fobbed off with some excuse. Now that they've been acquired by Amazon though, I'm banking on some of the customer service from their new parent company filtering down. I'm getting my book, whatever it takes! (To add insult to injury, the UK paperback is currently retailing on Amazon UK for £2.99!) Also realised that I have the wrong edition of Cavafy's poems for next week's EN954 seminar, so I've placed an order on Amazon UK for the right one. Had to create a new account using my Warwick e-mail to get an Amazon Prime trial for the free one-day shipping, or the book wouldn't have arrived in time for me to read it. I'm afraid I'm going to have to return the book once the seminar is over, but in my defence, I do plan to get the paperback edition when it comes out in May!

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