Friday, February 10, 2012

Episode 1236: A Hollywood Film Proclaiming The Evils Of Capitalism?

Went to see In Time at the WSC, and in keeping with yesterday's theme of potentially missing the whole point of a Hollywood product, I'm going to say it's rather obvious that this film is a damning critique of capitalism, no? The central science fiction conceit, in which time replaces money as currency, is brilliant, being in that tradition of science fiction that takes an element of contemporary society, magnifies or distorts it in some way, and then trains its eye on the ramifications of that. That said, the actual dialogue of the film is way too clunky, and seriously, Olivia Wilde, yet another fairly insignificant role in yet another film? For someone so attractive, you sure are having a hard time cementing your leap to leading lady status. I'd have liked more about the whole economic system operating in the film's world, and I did find it a bit hard to believe that we'd developed genetic engineering to make everyone stop ageing at 25, yet the rest of our technology seemed not much more advanced than it is now, which didn't make much sense since there were characters in the film that'd been alive for more than half a century. On a happier note, The Vampire Diaries! At the moment, I'm with those fans who think there should be an Originals spinoff. Surely between them, the Mikaelson family has enough angst and divergent perspectives to propel a show.

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