Saturday, February 25, 2012

Episode 1251: What I Said Yesterday, Basically

Have finished going through all the Epicentre Magazine poetry submissions, and I'll start on the fiction ones for The Cadaverine tomorrow if my headache goes away. I expect it will, since I'm mostly recovered from my cold, and it's just a lingering cough I've got now. Decided to go to the Post Room today as a form of procrastination from reading submissions, and it turned out to be a good decision because I was not only able to pick up the Cavafy hardback that I'm returning, my copy of Embassytown from The Book Depository was also available to be collected! Might start reading that next, after I finish The Boy With The Cuckoo-Clock Heart tonight. Oddly though, it looks like this is the original copy I ordered, rather than the replacement that was dispatched when I complained about the original order not having arrived. Will wait another month and see if another copy turns up! Figured I might as well do some more grocery shopping while I was out of my room, and I randomly decided to buy some hot cross buns. So maybe for the next couple of days, I'll break my rule of not eating breakfast.

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