Thursday, February 23, 2012

Episode 1249: Everyone, Check Out Opaque Nature!

Just got back from the Opaque Nature album launch at Taylor John's House. The band were really, really good, so definitely check out their Bandcamp page, have a listen, and get the album if you like what you hear. Was a truly excellent way to end a day that actually got off to a really bad start. Woke up around 5 am and couldn't fall asleep again for an hour or so because of my cold. When I eventually did, I proceeded to sleep through my alarm, waking up about half an hour before I was supposed to be in S2.82 doing a DR@W experiment. Good thing I managed to show up though, since I made £18! Also managed to get to a Collect+ shop on my way to the city centre, so that book is finally on its way back to Amazon UK. Then had a lot of time to kill before the band were due to be playing, so I just randomly stepped into the Belgrade and sat down for a while, which I figured would be safer than wandering through the streets by myself. There's some productions that look interesting, including a run of Equus, so I might check if there are free tickets going for under-26s. Might as well make use of my youth while I still can! First issue of The Conium Review also arrived in the post today, and it's a weird feeling to see myself being thanked in print for making the magazine's publication possible. Glad to be part of a publication that's invested in doing print issues though. It's a nice change, since all the other projects I'm involved in are online-only.

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