Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Episode 1234: I'll Say It Now, The River Is Probably Going To Flop...

Didn't get around to writing more of the story today, but I think I should still be fine. The question now is, of course, do I go and see Immortals at the WSC for free tomorrow evening, and In Time the following? Currently watching the double-episode premiere of The River, which is turning out to be quite tiresome, and I'm only 10 minutes in. The problem is that it's filmed documentary-style, so think The Blair Witch Project and yes, weird stuff is supposed to start happening soon, or so the reviews tell me. It's only airing an eight-episode first season, so I guess I'll stick it out because I'm sure I'll end up liking the paranormal stuff just enough to look past the filming style. I'm also betting it'll be axed though, which is a shame because it means no more Paul Blackthorne on TV again, whom I really liked on The Dresden Files, and then again on The Gates. (Seriously, it's like that guy just can't catch a break because his shows keep getting cancelled after one season.) Actually, I can't understand why anyone at ABC thought this show would survive on network TV. It's the wrong kind of genre fare at the moment, at the very least. The River feels more like it belongs on FX, rubbing shoulders with American Horror Story.

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