Friday, February 03, 2012

Episode 1229: Contagion

I swear the advertisements and trailers before the actual film screening for the WSC never used to be this long. Anyway, after seeing an advertisement for Lana Del Rey's album that used 'Born To Die' as the backing track, I've decided that if someone stripped out her singing and replaced it with some synth-type instrumentation, I'd actually quite like the song. I'm not terribly bothered anymore by the whole question of whether or not she's 'authentic' because I realise that's sort of moot in the music industry today. The way she sings really annoys me though. Also discovered that next week, when I really need to be writing my children's story, the WSC also happens to be screening a film I want to see almost every other night! So I finally saw Contagion and I loved it. It's like an updated Outbreak with more realistic science and less overblown military theatrics. What's not to love? I have to say that for about five minutes after the film ended, I was slightly paranoid about all the door handles I had to touch just to get out of the building, and after Kate Winslet's character mentioned that the average person touches their face a few thousand times each day, I've been extremely self-conscious every time I do it. Currently trying to write at least a sentence to kickstart my children's story again. Might just give up and go read a book, to be honest...

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