Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Episode 1241: Stupid Fire Alarm!

So I've just about finished reading Ben Masters's Noughties, which I've ultimately decided I really like, and which I still maintain is sort of the literary equivalent of crossing Donna Tartt's The Secret History with Gavin James Bower's Dazed & Aroused. Won't write the review tonight, even though that's what I'd originally planned to do, but I figure I can dash off a solid one tomorrow before my seminar. Really, I blame the fire alarm caused by the Flat 76 kitchen this morning for throwing my whole day off. Didn't make it all the way to the fire assembly point because en route, one of my flatmates and I decided to just duck into the entrance of a Heronbank West Court block and stay there until the alarm stopped. Ended up falling back into bed for another two hours, although really, I suppose I could have stayed awake and got more done. It's just that I was really looking forward to having a proper lie-in on a Wednesday and I would not be denied. Apparently, there was a fire alarm on Monday too, but I wasn't in my room to be caught by it. Bet you anything it was another false alarm caused by someone's stupidity and/or laziness!

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