Friday, March 30, 2012

Episode 1285: A Spot Of TV Love

So basically, although I watch heaps of TV, there are presently only two shows that I'm fairly obsessive about, and they're Community and The Vampire Diaries. There are lots of other shows I love, so many that to list them would be quite meaningless, but these are the two that I wouldn't mind rewatching a couple of times. So it's nice that this week, they've both aired pretty incredible episodes (and that the ratings for Community have remained stable). I've been having a look at Price Peterson's photo recaps of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle again, and they're hilarious because here's a guy who clearly is a fan but also recognises how ridiculous the storytelling frequently gets on both shows. Case in point? This week, the writers found a way to make it such that when an Original vampire dies, so do all the offspring of that vampiric bloodline. How convenient, right? I hope this just means that Claire Holt can be upgraded to the main cast for the inevitable Season 4, as she's pretty incredible. She's already lasted longer than most other guest/recurring characters that have been introduced over the show's three seasons, and since Matt Davis has to leave at some point to join the Cult pilot (which sounds like it'll be awesome enough to get picked up for a series), that leaves an opening in the cast for her to fill, right? Meanwhile, Community offered up the first of a two-parter, and blanket forts are so Season 2. It's all about the pillow fort now, clearly. Still not sure where John Goodman's arc as Greendale's Vice Dean is going, but this was a promising step. I secretly want it to somehow link up with the reappearance of Evil Abed from the darkest timeline of 'Remedial Chaos Theory'.

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