Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Episode 1472: Is The Mindy Project This Year's New Girl?

All the Prnned in the Margins books I ordered from The Book Depository have just arrived, so I've got plenty of new reading material. Given that The CW has finally started premiering its shows though (at last, Hart Of Dixie is back!), I might not have much time for reading outside of my reviewing work. Revolution continues to be surprisingly watchable in spite of the insufferable writing for Tracy Spiridakos's character, as the rest of the cast has actually begun developing into fairly compelling characters. I'm already trying to predict what the plot twists will be, now that the series has just been given a full-season pickup by NBC. The network also gave one to The New Normal, which actually delivered an okay episode this week, i.e. less politics, more humour. The show that I'm truly surprised by, however, is Fox's The Mindy Project. I know two weeks is way too early to call it, but I have a feeling that it could be this year's New Girl, i.e. starts out strong in the 18-49 ratings and declines even as critics increasingly praise it. What I found really funny is how Ed Weeks's Jeremy on this show literally has the same accent as Rowly Dennis's Jeremy on the now-cancelled Jane By Design. I mean, they're both English, but it's like American TV has decided this is now a 'thing', the token Englishman.

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