Monday, October 15, 2012

Episode 1484: ABC's Sunday Slump?

Having watched this week's episode, I've decided that the problem with 666 Park Avenue is that it moves too slowly for network television. On a cable channel, however, it might fare better. Three episodes in, the show hasn't quite struck a balance between all its elements, which doesn't bode well for its survival, even if its ratings weren't so terrible. The temptation-of-the-week storyline doesn't really gel with either the ongoing attempts of Terry O'Quinn's Gavin to ensnare Dave Annable's Henry or the spooky stuff that Rachael Taylor's Jane keeps running up against. Not that those two storylines are really working all that well together anyway, if you ask me, though I'm guessing that Gavin is trying to groom Henry to take over his role of tempter at the Drake, which is an interesting angle but needs to be played up more, assuming that's where the story is going. Revenge, on the other hand, seems to have hit a sophomore slump, at least for me. I mean, the plot's still deliciously twisty and unbelievably ridiculous, but it also feels like nothing that much really happens each week. The show is also showing signs of having problems with juggling its ensemble cast, as some characters are clearly just showing up each week for a few minutes so that the viewers know they still exist, without any actual plot development that's germane to them.

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