Saturday, October 06, 2012

Episode 1475: Finally Getting Back In The Swing Of Things

So I've just finished writing my review of Robert Wexelblatt's Losses, and I've already started reading Howie Good's Cryptic Endearments for my next review. Hadn't realised before I read the acknowledgements that there's work in this latest collection that first appeared in Eunoia Review, so that was a pleasant surprise. I also caught up on all the fiction submissions on my end for The Cadaverine, including scheduling the accepted stories, so I've actually been quite productive for the past couple of days. It's helped that this past week has seen way fewer submissions from the Submission Bombers Facebook group than I was expecting. (Many thanks to everyone who did participate in the 'bombing', by the way!) So I've been able to carry on in my usual 'holiday mode', i.e. watching more TV than is reasonable for one person. (Incidentally, if things like opening credits matter to you, check out Elementary because I think that show's opening credits look pretty cool. It's also a decent CBS procedural, so I'm glad that comparisons to BBC's Sherlock don't seem to be dominating reviews of it now, the way they were before the pilot had even aired.)

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buddy2blogger said...

I liked the first episode of CBS Elementary. Lucy Liu makes a great Watson.

Not sure about Jonny Lee Miller though..