Monday, October 29, 2012

Episode 1498: Yumcha At Last!

So on our last full day in Hong Kong, we finally went to yumcha at Maxim's Palace in City Hall. (We actually ended up in Maxim's Café by mistake at first. It's part of the same company, but one floor down and serving Western instead.) I'm a big fan of dimsum, but it's not that common to find places in Singapore that serve it pushcarts anymore. I'm sure there must still be places that do, but I reckon it's a concept that's ripe for wider revival. Nostalgia, packaging a tourism experience, etc. (Get on this, someone in STB!) Also, I suspect ordering off a pushcart actually induces people to eat more than they would compared to ordering off a menu. Some sort of psychology thing, yes? On a related note, I hope I haven't put on too much weight over the past few days. I don't think I should have anyway, as I haven't exactly been indulging more than usual. Fingers crossed! Haven't got much reading done either, so there goes my good intentions about trying to make some headway with my reviewing while on holiday. Maybe if I attacked the to-do pile like I did my dissertation, i.e. with erratic meal times, I might get something done and lose some weight in the process.

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